Why working with Difficult Dogs can be so Challenging

Let’s face it, our dogs have the ability to make us melt with one look. Whether it’s one goofy gesture or one act of comfort, they are after all, man’s best friend…and they’ve got it down. Sometimes it can be impossible for us to be the consistent guide our dogs need us to be. We need dogs as much as they need us. That is, after all, why we brought them into our lives, isn’t it? They provide us with SO much, even when we are not aware of it. They make us laugh, smile, feel needed, and feel loved. They bring families, friends, and communities together. We spoil them. We sacrifice for them. And we love every minute of it. But what happens when you start to see some really bad behavior from your dog? What happens if your dog growls at someone? What happens if your dog bites someone? Does it mean your dog is a bad dog? Is your dog aggressive towards other dogs or towards humans? What are your options? What do you do?

IMG_3594It’s horrifying to think that the dog you love so much has a side to it that is, for lack of a better word, scary! It can be a really hard thing to accept. We make excuses for our dogs, we say things such as “well, it’s so great 99% of the time…it’s just that 1%…”, or “she’s a really great dog, as long as we don’t leave the house or let anyone come in.”. I’m here to tell you, I have been there! I own difficult dogs and I work with difficult dogs. In my work, I handle and train difficult dogs daily. I keep families together. I want you to know that I am here for you. If you are experiencing behavior that you do not know how to handle or even process, I have a solution. If your dog has you to advocate for them, even if they are displaying aggressive behavior, I can help you. I will help you build your confidence and work through understanding their behaviors.

IMG_3799The honest truth is that each dog has it’s own limits and challenges. Some dogs will struggle their whole lives with behavioral issues. I believe in always striving for a less stressful household. For an insecure or fearful dog, there are training methods that can help build confidence. For a dominant and bossy dog, training can help re-establish healthy relationships and boundaries. But it is all up to you, the dog’s owner. If you are at a loss with your dog’s serious or difficult behavior, my board and train program is a fantastic option. In a board and train, your dog will experience an intensive behavioral overhaul that will address not only your dogs obedience but also focusing directly on creating the foundation for the best state of mind. Board and train will help you reset your relationship with your dog and help you move forward with new tools and rules. Your dog will have an understanding for both on and off leash commands, increased impulse control, and personal accountability. You will learn how to establish new protocols in your home to help you and your dog succeed and move forward together. Most importantly, you will learn how to handle yourself with your dog to help create the relationship you desire.

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