The Value of the Board and Train Program

Whether you have an extreme case or are just looking for a high level of training for your dog, regardless of their age, breed, or behavior, Balanced K-9 Training’s Board and Train Program will help you achieve your desired behavioral goals..

DollyBalanced K-9 Training’s Board and Train (B&T) Program typically lasts 2 to 3 weeks, though a B&T may sometimes be longer in the event of a severe case. A two week program would be great for a dog that doesn’t have any major behavioral issues, but maybe has some sassy or bratty behavior, is disobedient, doesn’t listen well around distractions, jumps, counter surfs, or has mild reactivity issues. For some of our more serious behaviors, a bite history, serious anxiety, we will be looking at 3 weeks or more. All of this, of course, depends on the individual dog, because each dog and owner are unique. No matter the duration, the boot camp provides the dog with a solid understanding of commands, including sit / stay, down / stay, place, and recall (the come command), both on and off leash. The B&T also addresses the dog’s overall state of mind, encouraging calmness, the ability to work through and listen during high levels of distractions (both inside and outside), human socialization, and dog socialization.

Many of the dogs that I see in my board and train program struggle with severely anxious or aggressive behaviors. Owners usually come to me when an incident has occurred that has served as a catalyst for the owners to seek a better way to help manage their dogs. Many of these owners have been told by friends, family, even veterinarians and other trainers to put their dog down, that their dog is a bad dog and there is no way to help them. This is heartbreaking and shattering news to hear. While sometimes, every once in a great while, that may be the best solution, a balanced training program can and will help. Furthermore, with a dedicated owner the dog will be able to move forward as a part of the family. My board and train program is geared towards helping these dogs and peoplehose who are at the end of their rope, who feel they have tried everything and don’t know what else to do. Maybe their dog has been on medications or completed various other training programs, and nothing seems to be helping. What many dog owners in this circumstance have failed to see were the warning signs leading up to the very bad behavior that led to search for help. or failed to have proper training procedures in place to help prevent an incident such as a bite or destructive behavior. Sometimes bad behavior is even unintentionally encouraged or reinforced. The Balanced K-9 Training Board and Train Program not only trains your dog to have a high level of obedience, but also changes the dog’s state of mind, conditioning him/her to become an overall more balanced dog. Importantly, we also work hard to make sure the owner has an empowered skill set, understanding of dog behavior, and a an array of tools that will continue to help the dog and owner move forward in harmony. The boot camp serves as a reset for both dog and dog owner, allows them to move forward with a clean slate to build trust in each other, leading to a renewed sense of confidence and understanding of the human / canine bond.

What many people don’t realize, and what we stress here at BK9T, is that the real work for the board and train really begins with the return visit where we spend 2-3 hours of intensive in home training to go over the foundational work that will be your first step towards a new journey together. The exercises are simple, clearly laid out, and practiced repeatedly with the guidance of head trainer, Jayme Adams. A follow up session is included in the program to take things even further. Once you have established the foundation of being able to run through commands both on and off leash, practiced your leash and remote handling skills, and have a renewed sense of confidence in communicating effectively with your dog, the second session allows us to further work though greater challenges based on and geared towards the specific needs of you and your dogs challenges. Each board and train dog goes through a similar program but as each dogs are individuals with individual needs, we spend the time to get to know each dog, their issues, and their owners goals to best problem solve and work through the bad behaviors. This way, when the dog comes home, the foundational work has been done for you, and you have been given the skills, knowledge, and tools to build in that foundation.. The dog that was highly dog reactive is now calmer and can walk past dogs without exploding, the dog that attacks the vacuum can calmly stay in place while you clean your home, the dog that has separation anxiety and chews up your furniture and walls when you leave rests quietly and patiently in a crate when you return home. It is important to understand, however, that the success of your dog maintaining the behavior they learned at boot camp is up to you! Using the knowledge and tools you are given during the in home training is vital for your dog’s continued success. If, for some reason,you find your dog regressing back to his or her old behavior patterns, the BK9T team will be available to guide you. Dogs are creatures of habit and also have a strong sense of association so when your dog arrives home you will be asked to do some basic exercises with your dog everyday to practice and maintain what they have learned (if you don’t use it, you lose it!). This will set the tone for your future and help you establish the ability to communicate with your dog what you want and what you don’t want. Every dog and owner duo are on their own special journey, and like all relationships, your relationship with your dog requires work. In order to maintain a healthy and balanced relationship, you must provide your dog with their daily needs, food, water, exercise, mental stimulation, etc, in return for the companionship and endless devotion your dog gives you in return.

PenelopeWhile we love working with dogs that have behavioral issues, the board and train program can also benefit others who are not deal with any extreme behavior. Let us handle the ground work of teaching your dog his or her commands, building impulse control, and working on off leash reliability. We can then work with you to help you maintain new levels of obedience with your dog after the B&T is completed. From an unruly puppy, to someone who is just looking for a high level of training and guidance, our program can benefit you as well. Training will further benefit your relationship and give you the knowledge and power to have the best possible relationship you could have with your dog.