Balanced K9 Training has really helped our family to better enjoy spending time with our dog. We have a 2 year old Golden Retriever who has gotten himself into trouble for his overly exuberant playing style especially with young kids. He has never been aggressive, but we certainly didn’t feel that we had control of his energy when it came to groups of excited people. From the start, Jayme was a wonderful resource. Brinks spent 3 weeks doing a Board & Train program with Jayme and the changes have been fantastic! Jayme introduced us to the Herm Sprenger prong collar which has allowed walking this 75lb dog to be a breeze. Even my 12 & 14 year old can walk him very comfortably. Brinks was also taught some commands such as “place”which has really helped to define where we want him to be in the house at any given time. We have had guests over & served food on the coffee table while Brinks was in his “place”command in the same room. I would never have thought that was possible with food obsessed golden retrievers! Brinks loves tennis balls, but would never give them up, so it was hard to play with him unless you had a bucket of balls. Jayme taught him the “out”command which has made a world of difference and made it fun to play ball with him again! We also worked on learning to use a remote e-collar with Brinks which has also been very successful. I just returned from a long walk in an off lead park, but in the past I would have been worried that my dog would jump up on other walkers, or disappear from view. He now can roam freely on our walks but will return when called & he is much better behaved. The Board & Train program is not cheap & it is not a “cure all”. A pet owner has to be willing to put the work into consistently practicing the commands with the dog in order for these modalilities to work. It has been 4 months since Brinks completed the Board & Train program and I feel it was definitely money well spent



Jon Braun & Tara Matlock

Jayme has been amazing to have in our lives and the life of our puppy. We’ve learned so much from her in just a few sessions. We really appreciate the wealth of knowledge she has shared with us. Being self-employed myself for the last 5 years I have a decent understanding of what it takes to start a business and make a living depending only on your skills and your passion. It is not easy. 12 hr days tend to be the norm. But one of the benefits can be a deep understanding of your craft. And wow does Jayme know her craft!!! After every session I’ve walked away shaking my head at her knowledge, professionalism, understanding, compassion, and passion for what she does. She has and continues to do amazing things for herself, the dogs, and the owners. i hope it fills her with joy knowing that what she do helps both humans and animals to be happier, more content beings. Keep up the great work and thank you so much Jayme !!


Muddy & Brandy

Jayme and Balanced K-9 Training changed the life of all our family members.

In June of 2013 my husband and I rescued an abused and emaciated American Bulldog, who we named Muddy. Muddy came with a lot of baggage from his short 18 month life and needed quite a bit of guidance. He was labeled “aggressive,” “destructive,” “abusive,” and “dangerous.” When I first saw him at the shelter he showed none of these behaviors. In fact, before I had him taken out of the kennel, I asked him to “sit” and he did. He had a beautiful big smile and very sad eyes. When we brought him outside to meet our 4 year old female pit bull type dog, they immediately were drawn to each other. They ran around the pen and played very nicely. I filled out the adoption papers and had to wait to bring him home until the next day so he could be neutered. When we picked him up I had a “gentle lead harness” to use with his leash. He pulled the entire walk to the car, and jumped in the back seat. He laid in my lap for the ride home. He had a horrible limp, barely using his right hind leg, so we made an appointment to take him to our veterinarian the following day. Although he pulled very hard while trying to walk him, he was very friendly with other people in the waiting room. The beginning of the exam went fine. When the vet attempted to examine his leg he air snapped in her direction. The veterinarian put him in a muzzle and then advised me that I had an aggressive dog and had better find a trainer. I had previous experience training my family dogs but hearing this from a veterinarian really scared me. I was in over my head. Although I had not seen any signs of aggression, the veterinarian was a professional and I took her word as gospel. I contacted a trainer whom I have been following for several years. I liked his way of training, but could not travel to Rhode Island. I contacted him and asked about experienced trainers in my area who used his “real world” type of training. I was not interested in having to walk around with treats, or use a clicker, I wanted to understand my dog and help him with his issues. I was overwhelmingly referred to Balanced K-9 Training, run by Jayme Adams.

Before contacting Jayme I looked at her Facebook page and liked what I read. I sent her a message and we set up our first appointment the following week. Because my veterinarian scared me, I didn’t trust Muddy. I was scared to walk him around the neighborhood because he pulled so much on the gentle lead harness and I didn’t want to use a choke collar because I know they are not good for dogs. I spent the week only allowing him out in our yard and teaching him not to play too rough with Brandy, and going through basic commands, such as “sit” and “stay.” He seemed very happy but I didn’t have him around any other people or dogs. I was no longer looking at Muddy the same way — and I do blame the veterinarian for this.

From the first day Jayme worked with us, I knew Jayme was a great dog person. When she arrived at our home, I had gates in place so that neither of my dogs would get out of the kitchen. Muddy was very excited and jumping on the gate. The barking was so loud that I couldn’t hear Jayme speaking and I put both dogs in their crates. I showed Jayme the harness I was attempting to use and we all agreed it just wasn’t working. Jayme introduced me to the Herms Sprenger Prong Collar… then she introduced it to Muddy. When I say I was able to walk Muddy in a calm, POLITE and well-behaved manner in under five minutes I am NOT exaggerating! All three of us, Jayme, Muddy and I went for a brisk 1/2 mile walk and there was no pulling! Jayme taught me how to communicate with Muddy using pressure and release with the prong collar and he understood what was expected of him. I gained the confidence in myself to help him move forward. I didn’t have an aggressive dog, I had a dog who was frightened of just about everything.

I had to give my friends instructions on how to approach our new family member. When we had people coming to our home, I would keep Muddy in his collar and lead. He was slowly introduced to people and after six months he began coming out of his shell and I was able to introduce him to smaller people (children) without being afraid of him being aggressive. He actually NEVER showed aggression to any human, ever again, after the incident with the veterinarian.

A month into his training I took him to the veterinarian for a kennel cough shot because we had arranged for both he and Brandy to have a board and train with Jayme while my husband and I were on holiday. I had my own muzzle by now, and I put it on him. He was fine with everything, and remained calm during the entire exam.

A week prior to our vacation I suddenly lost my job in a career I had been working for 32 years. During my vacation I had a lot of time to think about what I wanted to do for the remainder of my working life. Upon our return, I ran my idea by Jayme, and found out she had been thinking the same thing… and she became my mentor as a dog trainer.

Working alongside Jayme has been a wonderful, life-changing experience. I have learned much about dogs, their behavior, their motivations, and how to help them live a “Balanced” life. More importantly, Jayme taught me a lot about me — and how much I am capable of. Jayme takes a no nonsense approach to dogs and their behavior issues. She understands the layers of emotions that dogs have to deal with, and is able to peel them back — one layer at a time, until the dog feels secure with her and her training. She then helps the dog rebuild the layers and become secure, happy, and well-behaved. At first it was upsetting for me to watch a troubled dog having to deal with their fears. It takes time and patience to work with a troubled dog. It takes a human with compassion, confidence and a variety of tools to teach a dog how to be a happy and secure family member. Although it can be heartbreaking to see a troubled dog, it is life affirming to see that same dog feeling confident and happy after learning how to “be” a dog.

I am new to the world of dog training, and know there is much I have yet to learn. If I meet a dog with issues that are outside of my ability, I call Jayme. She is my go-to person. Jayme may not want to admit this, but she puts all of her being into her work. I have watched her work, and I have watched the dogs with whom she works. She creates a safe environment in which the dog is able to learn and understand, and grow into a happy and “Balanced” family member.

Over the last two years Muddy has overcome his fear of people and is recognized when I bring him and Brandy to local shops. I used these shops as a way of teaching Muddy that the world in which he now lives is not scary, and he feels confident in his humans. We never had any issues with the humans in the shops, and when there were other dogs I would keep Muddy’s attention on me. If we were walking down an aisle, we would simply continue in the direction in which we were walking. If I felt the aisle was too confined, I would simply turn around. We have never again had Muddy act out towards another dog. We have a new veterinarian and we were able to have Muddy’s RH leg x-rayed without any incident – no air snapping! I was told that the leg was broken in a violent manner, probably when being used as bait. The leg healed on its own, but with soft tissue damage. Muddy loves swimming in the pool (wearing a life jacket) and the therapy helps. He still gets anxious when he is around certain dogs — usually ones that are smaller than him — but he no longer tries to pull away. Brandy has had to overcome her desire to run interference with other dogs. My challenge is to keep reminding Brandy that I am in charge! I take them both to the park, and will only allow them off-leash in the dog park when there are no other dogs. Muddy is fine meeting other dogs, in a controlled manner – and to this day I know I cannot do this with Brandy around. They are both a work in progress, and training is something we do on a daily basis. I feel all dog owners should work with their dogs daily, and this is something Jayme has shown me with her own dogs.

Our family owes a lot to Jayme. She has taught us all about communication, trust and respect. Those three elements create a Balanced life for dogs and their humans.



The impact Jayme Adams has had on me and my dog is profound and incredibly hard to put into words.

After failed attempts with other trainers and “pure positive” training,
I finally found Jayme. She is now not only my life-changing trainer but one of my most treasured friends.I contacted Jayme about 4-year-old Penelope who I had adopted about a month before. Penelope was from a puppy mill where she was severely neglected, overbred, and potentially abused for her entire life.
She was full of fear and had no semblance of potty training–she did not even know what it meant to control her bladder. When I contacted Jayme I was at my wit’s end.

We decided to do a 2 week board and train. Jayme sent frequent photos and updates about Penelope’s progress. Within a couple of days I could hardly recognize the confident little dog I saw in the photos I received. It was incredible! After the board and train ended, I had to work very hard to continue to implement the training and structure that Jayme had introduced to Penelope. I had to learn just as much new behavior–if not more–than Penelope. She is not perfect now and never will be, but Penelope’s life has improved immensely all thanks to Jayme.

One of the most noteworthy parts of Jayme’s service is the follow-up. She is happy to provide as much support as necessary afterwards and will answer any questions you may have. You are forever part of her B9KT family after she trains with you.



Jayme is wonderful! We adopted Kaylee, a very sweet but anxious pup whose insecurities would manifest in aggression toward other animals.

We sent her to a two week board and train program with Jayme that ended with an afternoon for us to learn about her various techniques so that we could continue Kaylee’s development at home. Jayme’s emphasis on calmness and order completely changed the way we viewed our relationship with our dog, and has absolutely led to a more balanced and happy home.

Jayme’s commitment to rehabilitating all dogs and her commitment to working with their owners, as well, is what makes her so special. When we go away, we wouldn’t trust Kaylee with anyone else, because we know she’s in a calm place where she can relax, as well as play with and learn from other dogs.



We adopted our pup with visions of dog parks, outdoor dining and long walks on the beach…then reality quickly set in.

Due to zero socialization before landing with us, she was afraid of the world and thought the best way to handle that was by taking a bite out of it. Not fun. Click/treat trainers, a veterinary behaviorist, medication, nothing was working. Then we found Jayme. We’re a work in progress, but we had life-changing improvement after just our first consultation. It isn’t easy to understand what dogs like ours need to make the successful transition from “rescue dog” to “family dog”, but Jayme has been with us every step of the way.

Jayme is who you call when you have a dog that you love despite the fact that he/she has turned aspects of your life into a nightmare. She’s who you call when it’d be way easier to get rid of your dog, but you’ve decided that working through the bigger issues is worth it. She knows her stuff, our dog loves hanging out with her and we recommend her every chance we get.



Our dog Pippa recently completed a board and train program with Jayme from Balanced K9 Training.

If you are considering Balanced K9 training for your dog, consider this: without Jayme’s training, Pippa’s insecurities would have continued to escalate and resulted in Pippa losing her family that loves her so very much. Pippa is extremely fearful with strangers and upon Pippa’s return we were able to witness the remarkable skill set and confidence that Jayme had instilled within her. Jayme also spends considerable time coaching humans how to handle their dogs behavioral issues. Often, it is not only the dog that needs help, but the relationship between dog and owner that can also need rehabilitation. Confidence in our dogs reactions is the key to our success. The key is ascertained through guidance and proper discipline. Our family and our dog are an excellent example of why the kind care, compassion and remarkable services provided by Jayme are not only necessary but valuable. Dogs do not have a voice most of us understand, but with Jayme’s knowledge and leadership she gives them the voice they need to live happily in our world.



Jayme and her team have changed our lives!

Our frenchie was out of control with anxiety issues and when we brought our baby home 6 months ago they went through the roof.
My husband could not even sleep in our room and eventually we were to the point of me or the dog. We contacted Jayme and the Philly pack team as a last ditch effort. After 4 week with Jayme our pup is a new dog! We are able to love our lives happily and so is the dog! We finally know how to communicate with him and feel safe with our baby in the house along with the dog. He knows he is safe and what is expected of him and we can all be happy. Thank you Jayme for helping is find a way to keep our little man as part of our family!



We could never say enough nice things about working with Jayme.

Jayme was referred to us by a woman we met at the local dog park when we started socializing our newly rescued puppy, Zoe. We adopted Zoe from an animal shelter in Philadelphia when she was just 8 weeks old. We were fortunate that Zoe did not have any serious behavioral problems – just a lot of energy and the need for consistent, strong, pack leaders in her life! Prior to meeting Jayme, we had experimented with several training methods involving treats, sounds, and hand motions, with mixed success. Zoe occasionally obeyed us in doors, but walking her was incredibly stressful – she did whatever she wanted, when she wanted, including jumping on other dogs and small children.

In comes Jayme! Jayme took Zoe into her home for two weeks as part of her board-and-train program. She was a fantastic communicator throughout the process, sending emails to update us on Zoe’s progress and posting pictures of Zoe and her “pack” online. Zoe returned to us a new animal. Jayme spent several hours with us patiently explaining how to be a pack leader, to express calm, assertive energy so that Zoe could relax on walks and in the home (unless, of course, it was play time!). She helped us understand that to be calm, Zoe had to be confident we were in charge. It took a little practice (for the one of us who tends to be more anxious in particular), but now Zoe walks calmly next to or beside us on walks; she sits when we stop, and waits for permission to exit and enter the house, relieve herself, and approach other dogs and humans. In doors, Zoe stays in her “place” when directed to do so, instead of trailing us around the house as we get ready for work in the morning, cook in the evening, and entertain.

After the two week board-and-train, Jayme followed up with us several times a week to check on Zoe, and was incredibly helpful as we peppered her via email and text messages with questions (sorry Jayme!). Now, a few months after the board-and-train, Zoe joins Jayme on structured walks twice a week with her dog pack. And Jayme still answers all of our dog related questions via phone and email.

We were truly lucky to find Jayme – we recommend her to every dog owner we know!



Unbelievable! Jayme is a miracle worker!

I enrolled my dog Benson who suffered from severe dog reactivity and anxiety into the two week board and train program.

Benson’s anxiety was so severe that when it came time for a walk he would run away from his harness, and bite his leash before we even stepped foot outside. When it was time to walk out the door he would start screaming and crying as if someone was torturing him and it would continue as we walked down the street. People would stare at us and even ask me what was wrong with my dog.

When Benson would see another dog on the street, he would go completely nuts. I would have to try and run in the other direction with him or dodge behind a car and wait for the other dog to pass or even run across the street.

Jayme made the impossible possible! Within a day of Benson being at his board and train he was walking with other dogs on the leash as well as socializing and playing with other dogs. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched a video of Benson playing with another dog, I was so shocked and happy. It actually brought tears of joy to my eyes.

Ever since Benson came back home with me he is a totally new dog. I introduced him to my parent’s dog and within minutes they became best friends. Our walks are much calmer and quieter and now I look forward to taking him out.

I would definitely recommend Balanced K-9 Training to anyone who struggles with the same problems as I did with my dog Benson. He is a much happier and stress free dog than he was the past six months and I thank Jayme for that.



Jayme worked with our dog, a young, poorly socialized pit mix twice in the “board and train” mode and we also contracted with her to give us 3 lessons at our home.

We are absolute believers in her “real world” dog training. We had worked with another trainer who used treats as rewards and just saw it going nowhere. I learned a lot about dogs, but his behavior didn’t change much in the ways that mattered. Jayme’s methods are clear and concise and easy to follow through on. I use them every day. Our other dog (the non-trainee) also learned some of the commands and routines though he never boarded with her. “Place” is invaluable for inside the house, and with proper walking techniques we confidently navigate our neighborhood. He is still not completely comfortable with strange dogs, but I can control him, and most times are are able to pass other dogs without any issue. Once we learned “place”, and “down stay” and, in general, had the collar to reinforce our commands he only rarely needs correcting, though he wears the collar most of the time we are with him, both in and out of the house. We do have pretty set routines, but I think he could adapt to a lot of situations if need be, now that we have these tools.

I can not say enough about Jayme and the training – she is personable, reliable, an effective teacher and our dog loves her, and seems to do anything she asks him, and she has helped us make major changes for the better in our life with dogs.



I faced a painful and difficult challenge: My dog, Lucky, is a sweet, funny, gentle dog with people but her separation anxiety and fear made her a terror.

Lucky ate a sofa, a plaster wall, shoes, sports bras, and bedroom furniture. She lunged at dogs, cats, bikes, motorcycles, runners and squirrels while on walks. After one trainer, a veterinarian specializing in animal behavior, and drugs, I ran out of options – both Lucky and I were miserable, and unable to find what we needed to be happy.

And then we found Jayme and her Balanced K-9 Training program.

After several sessions, I was able to learn that loving Lucky was not going to make the necessary and permanent changes in her confidence and behavior. Instead, we both had to learn how I should take the role as “chief protector” and lead Lucky on our walks and in our home. Removing decision making and reaction from Lucky’s responsibilities means she is free to relax and follow my lead. As a result, we are (usually) no longer the neighborhood brute. Even more importantly, Lucky is (usually) no longer distressed. We have more work to do, but when I adopted Lucky, I was committed to the long term.

I thank Jayme and her methods for giving Lucky and I the happiness we both deserve.



Jayme has been working with our dog, LJ, for almost three months and she has worked wonders with him!

She taught us how to do structured walks with him and since the very first time Jayme met LJ, it has seemed like we are walking a different dog; sometimes we almost forget he is walking right behind us! He used to pull like crazy and mark something every other step, now he calmly follows our lead with minor corrections if he sees a squirrel or another interesting critter. We first called Jayme after LJ tore out an entire wall and shattered a sliding glass door when we left the house. She immediately recognized that he was suffering from separation anxiety and has been working with LJ on getting him comfortable in his crate, and getting us comfortably putting him in there. With her help, now even we can get him to go right in like a champ and spend a not-too-stressful day in there; before we called Jayme LJ broke out of a metal crate, but Jayme got him in on the first try. From the first day LJ met Jayme, he has loved and responded to her incredibly… and she’s extremely patient with stubborn and disobedient people as well!



Thank goodness for Balanced K-9 Training and their staff!

They took time to listen to our needs and more importantly paid attention to our dog, Bella, and her needs. We’ve been working with Balanced K-9 Training for about three months now with daily walks, and the occasional private consultation, and what a HUGE difference it has made! Through Balanced K-9 we have learned how to be leaders for Bella. Bella’s fear and aggression has reduced dramatically. She walks properly on a leash, so well that we’ve gotten compliments from complete strangers! The personalized service, step-by-step instructions, and reasoning have made it super easy to follow through with their teachings. And the knowledge that they are maintaining the same training on her daily walk is awesome! Balanced K-9 Training’s constant contact though emails or daily notes, gives us peace of mind and also allows us the opportunity to ask questions we may have forgotten during one of our sessions. We really feel like we have a partner in our journey to a calm, happy, well-adjusted dog!



I met Jayme at an orientation for volunteers at Philly Paws and feel like it was my lucky day to have been there for many reasons.

I had not yet adopted my dog and was looking to learn as much as I could. I thought it was great the Jayme was going to volunteer her skills as a trainer, and give back to help the many misunderstood and available dogs. I asked her a lot of questions about how to choose a dog and what would work for my lifestyle. Jayme also met my dog Bodhi at the very beginning and game me some tips on how to start out and get her adjusted, for no charge.

I had a lot of work and personal travel coming up and ended up using Jayme to board and train Bodhi. It has made such a difference in Bodhi’s confidence and her house and walking behavior. Everyone always tells me how good and well behaved she is. I take Bodhi everywhere when I am not traveling and thankfully she is welcome because her manners are so good and she listens- even if sometimes she needs a few little reminders.

Jayme has been very professional and is easy to communicate and coordinate with. She takes it very seriously when she makes a commitment and sets a time to come over for training or pick up Bodhi. I have never been concerned about the safety and well being of my dog, because I know she is going to be well taken care of with Jayme. I get text updates with cute pictures of her walking and playing with other dogs and it was especially nice when I was away so much and feeling like a guilty mom to know that Bodhi was having a blast with Coach Jayme.



Jayme is nothing short of a miracle worker and a life saver.

My boyfriend, Patrick and I were at a loss with our pit bull Cooper. We had been mislead by different trainers and vets so many times before and we were fed up, discouraged and overwhelmed. Cooper had shown severe dog and human aggression and our breaking point came when he went after my Patricks’s cat twice. Then, we found Jayme. She took Cooper in for a board and train and changed all of our lives. She helped us to learn that he is not an aggressive dog but anxious and fearful. Jayme has taught us how to be leaders for Cooper with consistency and structure.

Patrick and I can now give Cooper the life that he needs in order to thrive. He is still an axious dog but he is able to manage and handle situations that used to make him react. He can now be three feet from that cat and take a nap! Cooper is a different dog thanks to Jayme. She saved Patrick and my relationship and Cooper’s life. She has a passion and love for both humans and animals and it is extremely obvious in her work. Jayme is always just a phone call or text message away. She is a wonderful support for both me and Cooper. I recommend her to everyone!! She is absolutely, hands down, the best.





Rebnie & Sadie

Jayme is fantastic. We were referred to Jayme by our behaviorists after we moved to a new part of the city and needed someone to continue structured walks and behavioral work with our dogs.

From the first time she met our dogs, she took a balanced approach to working with what many people had called two of the most challenging dogs they had ever met. Our dogs liked her from the first time they met her but, perhaps more importantly, they quickly grew to respect her and accept her leadership. One of our dogs has since passed, and Jayme has not only been a tremendous support to us during that grieving process, but also to our dog Rebs, who was challenged by the transition of becoming an “only dog”. He is an anxious, excitable, insecure dog and Jayme has worked really hard with us to ensure is becoming a more balanced dog.

What we have noticed about Jayme is that she really observes Rebney and the other dogs with whom she works, and uses that observational information to make decisions about what the best strategy (strategies) is to help meet the dog’s needs and help the dog become more balanced. She really gets to know and I think comes to love the dogs she works with. To that end, she’s done some amazing work with Rebney and has gotten him to achieve goals that we could not do ourselves. For example, we had terrible trouble getting Rebs to be comfortable in a crate, and she got him to do so in about 30 minutes.

We love working with Jayme and are so glad we’ve found her. We trust her implicitly to care for and work with our dog(s) and know they will be safe, happy, balanced dogs in her care.