Custom training programs are available to suit the needs of each individual family and dog. We offer private one on one training, either in home or at the facility, a board and train program at a licensed kennel, group classes, socialization classes, and workshops. Please follow us on Facebook for class and workshop postings.

All Packages include phone/text/email support during training program

Group class: $245.00

This is a 9 week obedience foundations course. We will be teaching you the skills needed to build a healthy relationship with your dog as you also develop a foundation of communication and obedience.

Basic commands sit, down, come, place, and heel will be covered as well as manners and mild behavioral issues.

Classes will be held at Lead Your K9 at 1506 Centre Turnpike Orwigsburg PA 17961.

If you’re interested in enrolling in our group class contact us today to schedule a consultation.


With our private training services, you can expect to learn basic obedience.

  • mastering the walk / heel
  • sit / stay
  • down / stay
  • place
  • recall (‘come’ command)

Basic Private Package : $900 – 9 sessions

$70.00 – hourly rate.
$85.00 – Behavior modification hourly rate.

Puppy Program $400.00 for 8 sessions

You will learn about how dogs learn as you begin to lay the foundations that will help you build a positive relationship with your dog and work towards raising an obedient dog.

Whether it’s for behavioral issues,

or you just want to have a professional go through the repeated patterning of training your dog,
we offer a great board & train program with huge results.

Your dog will be running commands daily in a controlled and ideal training environment with a professional who will be working them through appropriate challenges to help you achieve your specific goals. What sets this program apart from others like it is the follow up instruction and support that follows the dogs’ training so the human companions can transfer, maintain, and continue to work with their dogs new and improved behavior. While in training your dog will receive about 3 hours of active training per day as well as a minimum of two 45 minute structured walks / pack walks daily, and socialization / play time.

Our board and train programs

offer a variety of services from on and off leash obedience, behavioral modification, to kick starting foundational work such as crate training. We also offer a puppy program to start your dog out right getting great confidence building and socialization opportunities daily. All board and train programs include follow up private training to ensure the best possible transfer of knowledge from trainer to dog owners. Read about our success with this program in the testimonials

Basic Board and Train : $1100.00 – 2 weeks

On leash training to help your dog learn all the basic commands and get a kick start towards having a very obedient dog. This is a great program for puppies and dogs without significant behavioral issues.

Off Leash Board and Train : $1800.00 – 3 weeks

This program covers on and off leash obedience. Your dog will go home with a skill set in obedience on and off leash both inside and outside your home.

Behavior Modification Board and Train : $2100.00-$3600.00 – 4 to 6 weeks

This is an intensive training program to help train and rehabilitate dogs with severe fear, anxiety, or aggression issues towards people or other animals. Your dog will get a foundation in obedience but will more importantly learn to navigate life with less conflict and fear and we will teach you to identify and guide your dog through stressful situations.

$2100.00 3 weeks

$2700.00 4 weeks

$3250.00 5 weeks

$3600.00 6 weeks

Now offering weekly Socialization classes for humans and dogs to participate in together

Adult and puppy classes are held in Orwigsburg on Saturdays. Contact us today to discuss participating in this unique class that is beneficial for dogs who love everyone but also for dogs who may be nervous about interactions. This is a great way to build a more confident social skill set!

We will also address any specific behavioral issues your are having and set up a training curriculum and household management plan to deal with these problems:

  • Jumping
  • Barking
  • Table & Counter Surfing
  • Rushing out doors
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Leash Reactivity
  • Resource Guarding (food, toys, space)
  • Aggression (Dog/dog, dog/human)
  • Dogs Chasing Things (cats, small animals, pigeons, squirrels, bikes, skateboards, etc)


Workshops are held on various topics including the place command, leash handling, tug, and more. Announcements will be readily available through Facebook as they are scheduled.

Boarding $50 / 24 hours

Have peace of mind knowing your dogs are being cared for by professionals who know how to create and maintain and calm and fun environment for your companion.

Located in beautiful Schuylkill County, our unique boarding offers structured days that includes socialization and play time, on leash walks, and personalized play. Dogs are provided with crate rest in between activities. We are fully licensed and insured professionals. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and book your reservations.

Boarding drop off and pick up hours :

  • Monday – Friday 7am-10am & 4pm-6pm
  • Saturday 7am-9am & 3pm-5pm
  • Sunday – Holidays 4-5pm