Dog Walking Services

Structured Walks: What it means & why?

Balanced K-9 Training offers the highest quality care for your dog, whether it’s daily walks while you’re at work or out of town and in need of numerous visits a day. Jayme & her team are dedicated to maintaining training: from waiting at thresholds, waiting for food (if feeding is part of the walk/care routine), and of course the all-powerful structured walk. What is a ‘structured walk’? What this means is that the dog will be getting not only a physical workout during the walk but will also get the highest level of mental exercise as well. By walking dogs in a heel and establishing leadership the dog will be at ease, under control, and fulfilled in his role in the pack. Jayme & her team are also experts in handling dogs with leash reactivity issues and with routine visits could be integral in rehabilitating any lunging, barking, or anxiety towards other dogs, people, bikes, cars, etc. We also firmly believe that a walk means just that, a walk. Fish swim, birds fly, and dogs walk. Our walks maintain forward movement at a brisk pace that imitates migration. Dogs will receive a potty break during the walk with the opportunity to go #1 & #2 in areas designated by the walker but the rest of the time will be devoted to traveling.

Special Services Available Upon Request:

*Pack walks – give your dog the ultimate opportunity to be in touch with his roots….walking with a pack of dogs. Highly skilled handlers with an excellent understanding of dog pack behavior and expertise in dog handling skills take packs out for structured walks daily.


Per Walk:  $18 half hour (+ $5.00 per extra dog in household)

Per Walk:  $30 full hour (+ $5.00 per extra dog in household)