basic obedience training

Tips For Training Your Dog

Over the years, dogs have transformed from something that guards our house to becoming members of our family. They accompany us while shopping, doing sports, hikes or family trips. Their unconditional love is one of the most rewarding things we can have in our lives. Since dogs share our homes as a part of the family, it is important to train our dogs. An obedient and well-mannered dog makes our lives easier. Here are some of the reasons why you should train your dog. Your dog learns necessary skills that prevent them from getting into dangerous situations. They will not get stressed or panic when taken outside the home and when in front of strangers. ● Obedience training for dogs also keeps them safe. A simple command may prevent your dog from chasing a squirrel across a busy road. ● Having a trained and obedient dog makes an easier to manage dog, which in turn deepens the bond between owner and dog. ● Basic training also helps us have a better understanding of what our dog’s needs are. With good Read More

The Value of the Board and Train Program

Whether you have an extreme case or are just looking for a high level of training for your dog, regardless of their age, breed, or behavior, Balanced K-9 Training’s Board and Train Program will help you achieve your desired behavioral goals.. Balanced K-9 Training’s Board and Train (B&T) Program typically lasts 2 to 3 weeks, though a B&T may sometimes be longer in the event of a severe case. A two week program would be great for a dog that doesn’t have any major behavioral issues, but maybe has some sassy or bratty behavior, is disobedient, doesn’t listen well around distractions, jumps, counter surfs, or has mild reactivity issues. For some of our more serious behaviors, a bite history, serious anxiety, we will be looking at 3 weeks or more. All of this, of course, depends on the individual dog, because each dog and owner are unique. No matter the duration, the boot camp provides the dog with a solid understanding of commands, including sit / stay, down / stay, place, and recall (the come command), both on and off Read More

Kennel Anxiety Questions and Answers

Today’s post was inspired by a friend who was seeking help with crate training and separation anxiety issues. I would have loved to have been able to help him in person, but in lieu of flying to Texas, I decided to write this blog post discussing separation anxiety and how crate training can be immensely helpful for both human and canine in managing and resolving these issues. It’s a hot topic of discussion and one that many new and seasoned dog owners struggle with. Q: Recently when I tell Mina, my 1 year old pit mix, to go in her kennel she starts shivering and shaking. She had bad kennel anxiety when we first got her, but then she seemed to be over it. She’s happy to go in there to get a toy or even to lay down if we’re still in the room, and she will still go in if I give the command – she just looks like she’s having a small panic attack. I never send her in as punishment, though I sometimes try to get Read More

What is Balanced K-9 Training?

There are many types of dog training philosophies, and many different trainers out there, all believing their style of training is the best way, or even the only way. When shopping for dog training advice, it is easy to become overwhelmed and confused by the often conflicting information available. Here at Balanced K-9 Training (BK9T), we believe in taking a balanced approach to dog training. Now what does that mean? Balance is something we all strive or in our lives. Dogs also crave balance: to be in a state of harmony. Dogs have different needs than we do. As a social structure, the humans of the pack will be defining the rules and social contract for the pack. Having an understanding of canine behavior and knowing your dog will help you define what balance your dog or dogs need. Some dogs require more structure and less freedom in order to maintain a state of balance. In order to have the healthiest relationship possible with your dog, we believe it is necessary to provide your dog with clarity in communication, expectations, Read More

Why working with Difficult Dogs can be so Challenging

Let’s face it, our dogs have the ability to make us melt with one look. Whether it’s one goofy gesture or one act of comfort, they are after all, man’s best friend…and they’ve got it down. Sometimes it can be impossible for us to be the consistent guide our dogs need us to be. We need dogs as much as they need us. That is, after all, why we brought them into our lives, isn’t it? They provide us with SO much, even when we are not aware of it. They make us laugh, smile, feel needed, and feel loved. They bring families, friends, and communities together. We spoil them. We sacrifice for them. And we love every minute of it. But what happens when you start to see some really bad behavior from your dog? What happens if your dog growls at someone? What happens if your dog bites someone? Does it mean your dog is a bad dog? Is your dog aggressive towards other dogs or towards humans? What are your options? What do you do? It’s horrifying Read More

Calling all dog owners:

Walking through the City of Brotherly Love, I see countless dogs in the span of a day. The residents here open their homes and hearts to canine companions in a big way. There are pet shops galore, grooming and pet spa establishments for people to pamper their pooches, dog parks in just about every neighborhood, and even dog friendly restaurants and bars. There’s no doubt that people in this town have all of the best intentions for their dogs, and yet I regularly see some very badly behaved dogs. It seems that there is a lot of caring (and spoiling) going on in the day to day lives of a lot of dogs, and a lot less expectation by humans for good behavior from the dogs they love so much. Dogs make up a huge part of our community, they share our public spaces with us, but more importantly we owe it to them to take charge and give them the structure they need and desire in their lives. While your dog does not realize that they’re walking around with Read More