What is Balanced K-9 Training?

There are many types of dog training philosophies, and many different trainers out there, all believing their style of training is the best way, or even the only way. When shopping for dog training advice, it is easy to become overwhelmed and confused by the often conflicting information available.
IMG_4463Here at Balanced K-9 Training (BK9T), we believe in taking a balanced approach to dog training. Now what does that mean? Balance is something we all strive or in our lives. Dogs also crave balance: to be in a state of harmony. Dogs have different needs than we do. As a social structure, the humans of the pack will be defining the rules and social contract for the pack. Having an understanding of canine behavior and knowing your dog will help you define what balance your dog or dogs need. Some dogs require more structure and less freedom in order to maintain a state of balance. In order to have the healthiest relationship possible with your dog, we believe it is necessary to provide your dog with clarity in communication, expectations, and relationship roles. In order to provide your dog the opportunity to excel at living in a home environment, whether with just you or your entire family. We approach training from an obedience back ground but we also pay special attention to state of mind conditioning. Our bedience training focuses on achieving high-level results, while creating calm, focused, and balanced pack members. We are often able to achieve these results very quickly, as dogs naturally respond to structured leadership and a balanced approach to training. Balanced K-9’s approach will help you get results for puppies, adult dogs, and even dogs with severe behavioral issues.

IMG_3798You may hear or read about trainers discrediting certain methods of training. Our rule of thumb is to keep our toolbox open for growth. Balanced K-9 dog training uses a variety of tools to communicate. Leash pressure, prong collars, and remote collars, are some of the tools. There is a huge misconception about many of these tools, as many trainers have been known to misuse them. Any tool can be used to hurt a dog, even your tone of voice, or a rolled up newspaper. At BK9T, we use remote collars on such low levels that they are often imperceptible to human touch. The prong and remote collars are used gently, so gently that you could use just one finger on the leash, to communicate information towards appropriate behavior. This is very different from the punishment based type of training that is often perceived with these tools. Additionally, ALL of these tools are used in conjunction with a great deal of positive reinforcement.
IMG_1623Positive reinforcement at BK9T could be anything that motivates your dog, from verbal praise, to physical touch, to food or toys. Jayme’s ability to read and understand canine behavior helps to modify and improve any training program. Using these tools appropriately helps each dog succeed on an individual basis. This is what a good dog-training program is all about.
At Balanced K-9 Training we also like to take a look at the dog’s whole lifestyle. Every dog who does training with us is observed from a holistic perspective. What does your dog’s day to day life look like? What kind of food do they eat? What kind of exercise do they get and how consistently? Do they socialize with other dogs or other people regularly? Teaching you how to provide your dog the best quality of life possible is our number one goal. The greatest reward your dog can have is to be a part of the pack, human and canine. Our balanced dog training programs will guarantee you the tools and knowledge to have an obedient dog inside and outside the home, as well as high distraction situations, for example, guests come to your home, attending a sporting event, or dining outside a cafe. Additionally, training at this level will build a fundamental connection between you and your dog. This will create an obedient, well-behaved dog that will look to you for leadership and guidance. Balanced K-9 Training Programs will teach you that dog training isn’t about training, it’s about creating a lifestyle with your dog.
What are you waiting for?! Whether you are having issues with your dog’s behavior or if you’re just looking to enhance your relationship, Balanced K-9 Training would love to help.