Mission & Methods


Why Balanced K-9 Training? We are committed to leading both dogs and humans to exist together harmoniously with the human as the pack leader. We operate under the philosophy that dogs are pack animals and are the most fulfilled and secure when they have a strong leader to look to. By coaching human dog owners and handlers how to use a balanced dog training approach we solve behavioral issues in even the most extreme circumstances. No matter what size, age, or breed of the dog our simple and easy to teach methods help both dogs and humans relax during training. The training process is treated as a wholistic and lifestyle approach rather than a trick by trick basis, hence fulfilling our relationship with our canine companions.

As humans, it’s our job to protect our canine companions, not only from physical danger but also from mental stress often caused by a lack of clarity and structure within the family dynamic. The calm, clear, and consistent methods used empower owners to get a handle on issues they and their dogs are struggling with and we use a variety of tools from the most primitive forms of communication with energy and physical presence to the most state of the art electronic dog training tools. Every program provides individual attention to lay down a solid obedience foundation as well as addressing current behavioral issues and discussing ways to prevent future issues from arising.

We problem solve ways to create the best relationship possible based on each families priorities while focusing on best ways to fulfill your dogs needs. Our training focuses on creating calmness which allows dogs to not only relieve many anxious or aggressive tendencies but also allows dogs the joy of relaxation in the many scenarios they face being a part of a human pack. Many dogs struggle unnecessarily with high levels of stress and adrenaline so we work hard to create calm canines capable of making fantastic choices enabling them to be as involved in our lives as possible.  Even during the training process our procedures have our dogs being with us as much as possible rather than having to exclude them. We do not believe in punishment or time out type training, therefore, we use methods to correct bad behavior instead of punishing bad behavior.

With the walk as the cornerstone of our training program, we built a foundational relationship that will help you utilize your leadership skills in all aspects of your relationship with your dog. This type of bond and relationship results in an extremely high level of training with you and your dog having ultimate confidence in each other, therefore allowing you to exist together harmoniously. If you have issues with your dog barking, lunging, eating food off the counter, resource guarding, or if you can’t take your dog for a walk because of bad behavior we can help you in a way that will leave you seeing dramatic results on the first visit.