Jayme Adams: Owner & Trainer

Jayme Adams

Jayme is passionate about creating a life of harmony between dogs and people both in their homes and personal lives as well as in their community.

She has the ability to work on issues with both dogs and humans and work with them to achieve their goals. A life-long animal lover, Jayme grew up around many different kinds of animals and was always immensely interested in their behavior. Jayme worked in many capacities throughout the years with many different species: rescuing exotic small animals as a teenager, horseback riding / training / competing / teaching for 10 years, and of course DOGS! Jayme has spent a lifetime handling and training dogs for friends and family, grooming dogs, walking dogs, caring for dogs while people were out of town, and eventually deciding to make dogs a lifestyle and full-time career. Jayme was able to quit her full time job shortly after starting a successful dog walking company that she ran by herself for a year. Becoming a professional dog trainer was an organic process that emerged out of that company. Jayme quickly grew a reputation for working with some of the most severe cases and became sought out throughout Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Jayme is actively studying and learning from the best in the field, reading books, traveling to seminars, and applying the methods on a daily basis to create calm, balanced k-9′s. It’s more than just training, it’s a journey to a better life for you and your dog. Jayme is so excited to help YOU on your journey to balanced, fulfilled, and harmonious living with your pack! Click here to download full bio.