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  • Is your dog badly behaved?
  • Is walking your dog a complete nightmare?
  • Does your dog drag you down the street while on leash?
  • Does your dog fight with other dogs?
  • Does your dog growl, jump on guests, bark excessively, or even destroy your home while you are away?

Great news! No matter what the issue we can put you on the path to confidently resolve your dog’s unwanted behavior giving you results, a plan, and hope. Whether you are looking to learn some basic obedience or have behavioral issues we will help you learn how to gently, safely, and compassionately communicate with your dog to achieve your goals. using our simple to understand and easy to implement methods of balanced dog training that address not only your dog’s physical behavior but their state of mind as well, we can help you train your dog to behave calmly and reliably around you, your family, and your guests. We can give you tools to work with your dog both on and off-leash, inside and outside of your home.

View my client testimonials by clicking here, to learn more about how our client’s dogs have become peaceful, calm, and obedient. “

Jayme Adams, owner & head trainer of Balanced K-9 Training, LLC, is passionate about creating a life of harmony between human and canine. Jayme understands the needs of the human members of the pack with day to day responsibilities and uses a dog training system that incorporates daily training into your routine treating dog training as a wholistic relationship rather than a band aid per problem approach.

Jayme’s approach to working with dogs starts with creating a new set of rules, boundaries, and limitations communicated to your dog in a way they understand and respond to. All of this is achieved fairly using a wide range of tools and without the use of intimidation, domination, yelling, or frustration. Working with humans to help create a calm state of mind in their canine companions Jayme has successfully tackled countless behavioral issues from very mild to very intense. No matter what the issue, Jayme can help both you and your human and canine pack return to balance.

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